Thomwren Cattery
Supporting our troops and keeping
them in our prayers!
Breeding Savannah kittens, Bengal kittens, Chausie and
Cheetoh hybrid kittens throughout the year.

We are a small boutique breeder, specializing in Bengal,
Savannah, Chausie and Cheetoh cats.  Bengals have been
part of my world since 1998, Savannahs since 2001. We
breed F1 through F5 generations only.  My Chausies are
spotted and the Cheetohs are the newest breed in the cat
fancy. Rather than producing large numbers of litters we
prefer breeding a few special litters at a time. Thomwren
Cattery is a TICA registered cattery since 1999.

Thomwren Cattery is located in sunny southeastern
Arizona, nestled at the foot of the beautiful desert
mountains, snow tipped in the winter and temperately
warm in the summer.

The goal at Thomwren is to provide healthy, happy
beautiful and highly social Bengals, Savannahs, Chausies
and Cheetohs as pets and show/breeder animals for our
fellow feline lovers.  Our kittens are social, confident,
ready to love and be loved. They are guaranteed to arrive
healthy and our contract provides coverage and protection
for our valuable customers unsurpassed by any other

I happily provide email verifiable references to all serious
buyers on request, my best reference however is a visit to
our "New Families" pages where you will quickly realize
that most of my new families are multiple repeat buyers, it
doesn't get any better than that!

Take your time and enjoy your visit and by all means,
please come back.
Thomwren Cattery supports the individual right to breed, own,
sell and love our hybrid cats, I personally urge all visitors to visit  
Big Cats Rescued a website that exposes the lies and deception
behind the anti-hybrid movement at Big Cat Rescue, who work
hand in hand with the extreme animal rights activist to take away
our legal rights to own and possess our wonderful cats.
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Savannahs, Bengals and Chausies make wonderful therapy cats.  They can be trained to
render warnings for oncoming seizures, low blood sugar conditions like dogs can with the
right training.  All of these cats can render emotional support for people who suffer from
depression or even just crippling loneliness for disabled children, seniors and adults
whether the disability is physical or emotional or even if your doctor agrees that a emotional
support animal would benefit you.

Please click on the link below and visit this website to learn more about the laws regarding
support and service animals.