Savannah Kittens
By Thomwren Cattery
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People for the Ethical
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when animals die
accidentally in horse
races, or when they are
harvested for food, but
they kill them daily in
their slaughterhouse.

The truth is they killed
more than 90 percent of
adoptable animals in
their care.   

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Peta Kills
I'm often asked if these cats get
along with other pets, well
pictures speak louder than
words.  The Savannahs below
are HP or high percentage
If you don't see a kitty you like,
feel free to Visit Dawn T  at

She has some lovely kittens
and older kittens available.
Watani and HappyFace
had a new litter.  DOB
Available  F2  MALE He is full of love and ready to fill someone's heart and home with it!  
Available as pet
Thomwren Gihadi and HappyFace
of Amiri are the proud parents of
three beautiful F2B Savannah  
Kittens  DOB 08-07-15
Available Female Kitten #1, we call her Mikie

Mikie is a gorgeously black spotted girl, gentle,
sweet natured with a head to die for.

Available as pet or breeder.
Available Female Kitten #2, we call her Babyface

This girl is a ball of energy, also sweet natured.
She's a cool colored girl with the coveted black

Available as pet or breeder.
Available Female Kitten #3, we call her BlueBell
Blue because of her coat and Bell because
she's a ding-a-ling (in a fun way of course).

This girl is the largest in the litter also sweet
natured and the class clown.

She's a blue spotted girl only the second blue
since 1997.

Available as pet only and priced to place.