Thomwren's New Families
Here at Thomwren Cattery, we proudly maintain positive relationships with our
customers, they are lovingly referred to as "new family members".  We look
forward to their email updates and pictures of their Thomwren kittens or cubs as
they mature.  The sometimes amusing anecdotes they share with us bring smiles
and joy to our lives.

Our new families are also our best reference to new buyers, most own more than
one Thomwren baby and their trust and loyalty are gratefully treasured by us.
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Meet Maya and Robert, father of
my customer, Maja is an F3
Savannah and the apple of were
taken by granddaughter Rowan
Metzner, an up and coming
photographer who certainly
captured the moment.

Sadly, Robert has passed away and
while I never met him personally,
he touched my heart and my world
in the wonderful pictures his family
shared with me.
I am often asked if Savannahs get along
with domestic cats.

Well there is a  Maine Coon,  Yoda, the
Sphinx, JR (a 75%  Serval) or HP (high
percentage) Savannah and Asha, his
sister.  There is also a Bengal brother in
this group but he missed napping with
everyone else.
Yoda and Asha
love playing

This family is living in Thailand
although they are originally from

Seldom do I see the love and
commitment Alicia has
demonstrated for her cats.  It is my
honor and privilege to call her my
friend as well as a loyal customer.

Can we say J.R. is looking very
into the bed I sent home with her.  
Her Mom did buy her a bigger one.
Asha, discovers
fishing in the
J.R. has the look of an African
Serval for sure, but  he is a 75%
Khalil is an 75% Savannah, he
is the littermate to JR below.  
He lives a very pampered life
with a wonderful lady named
Julia in Florida.
Savannah boy.  Kanu is on top
giving his best bud some Savannah
love.  Taz is out of Tanga and
Stevie, Kanu is out of Chikutu and

These boys live with Claude and
Claudia.  Missing is their Bengal girl

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