Thomwren Exotic Cats

They are available in generations from F1 meaning the  first generation breeding
of the Serval to a Domestic cat (also known as the foundation pairing), to F5 and
beyond, meaning five generations removed from the initial Serval breeding.

What can you expect from the different generations, the closer to the F1 or
foundation pairing the more of the Serval behavior the cat is likely to exhibit.  As
you move out from the F1 generation the cats become smaller and exhibit more
characteristics of the domestic cat, both in looks and behavior.

All generations require a litter pan and are committed to it's use, they eat a high
quality cat food, available at all stores that sell cat food.  They do not require raw
meat and I advise my new families not to feed it, too many health risks involved.  
They need all the vaccinations and routine veterinarian care you would provide
for any beloved feline family member.

They are indoor cats, unless an escape proof outside enclosure can be provided,
they cannot be allowed to roam freely, they are subject to thief, disease and injury
or death as is any household pet.

Personality, they are loving, loyal and committed to sharing their lives with their
human companions.  Currently I breed primarily for the amazing F1, through F6
Now if you've looked at the Ashera Cat that is being sold for $22,000.00  and
up, you'll notice a striking resemblance to the Savannah, it's because that is
what an Ashera cat is.  Be aware that any cat with the Serval in it's pedigree is
a Savannah.  The Ashera Cat is being marketed to the uniformed as a new and
very rare cat, initially this person (a real shyster in my humble opinion),
claimed they were Serval and Bengal crossed to a domestic short haired cat,
now I see in some press releases that he is claiming there is Geoffries cat
thrown in the mix, very unlikely in my opinion.  His cats are not registered and
will never be,  so please think twice before buying the hype.
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