Savannah Kittens 3
By Thomwren Cattery
Supporting our
troops and keeping
them in our prayers
Sold Male kitten #1  Black nose, bold black spots on a tawny
background, charming personality, this boy has it all.  Available
as Pet only.
Jenga of Abambu and Tanz of
Thomwren got together and
surprised us with five beautiful
babies DOB 04-16-14
SOLD Male kitten #2  This baby was spoken for the moment
Melissa and her family laid eyes on him.  He is on Hold.
SOLD  Female kitten #1  
SOLD  Female kitten #2  
AVAILABLE  Female kitten #3  This girl has an almost
Servaline pattern.   She is sugar sweet with a Velcro personality
and is available as pet or breeder.

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