Thomwren F1 Savannah Queens
Meet Gihadi
Thomwren's Gihadi is an F1 Savannah, she is one
person cat and lucky me, I'm that one person.  Her
favorite times are breakfast,  lunch and dinner. She
does very well in the house and is a pleasure to
have around.
Meet Iyanna, an F1 Savannah girl bred by Sissy  at Bengalsrus Cattery, what a
great job Sissy did in the socialization of this lovely girl.  She is a proven Queen,
and a fantastic , devoted mommy to her kittens.
On this page are our  F1 and F2 Savannah ladies.   These
girls are 50% and 25% African Serval respectively.
Watch for announcements of their upcoming litters.
Her parents are;
Jabari of Thomwren
Thomwren's Princess Wynaka
DOB 05-23-03
This is F1 Demesi from my friend and fellow breeder Kim at Savannah Cat Land.  
She is a sweet girl with a heart of gold.  She's never met a stranger and serves
as a good will ambassador to all who visit.
This beautiful girl is Mercedes, as her name implies she is one special lady.  She
comes from Kathy Wilson at Kianga Savannahs and we cannot thank her enough for
trusting us with this amazing girl.  We are looking forward to her first litter.
Meet Machui, an F1 Savannah girl bred by Dawn T. at  Amiri Savannahs Cattery,
She's a great girl with a personality all her own.  She is a proven Queen, and a
selfless devoted mommy to her kittens.

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