About Bengals
Felis prionailurus bengalensis
The Bengal is a hybrid of a domestic bred to an Asian Leopard Cat.  The Asian Leopard
Cat commonly referred to as an ALC is a small cat weighing about 6 - 10 lbs. They inhabit
the wild jungle areas in many Asian countries including the far east and as close as the
Philippines and it neighboring islands.  It's a nocturnal animal and does not make a
"good pet" as we define pet. It's incredibly shy.

Bengals have filled our lives and touched our hearts for about four decades give or
take a few years here and there, my oldest pedigrees show 1978 as about the
beginnings of registered breedings.  The first recognized breeding took place in 1963
by Jean Mill in Southern California.  In 1973 a Dr. Centerwall at the University of
California continued this crossbreeding program to determine the ALC's resistance to
feline leukemia, he gave Ms. Mill his kittens to continue her selective breeding
program.  TICA (The International Cat Association) recognized the breed in 1983 and
Millwood's Bengal aptly named "Finally Found" was the first registered Bengal.

A variety of domestic cats were used to develop the many varieties of Bengals, we used
the Classic Tabby or "butterfly tabby" to produce the marvelous marbled Bengal,
Egyptian Mau, the Abyssinian to intensify the coloring and reinforce the spotting of the
spotted Bengal, finally the Siamese to develop the "snow" varieties.  There is a Bengal
pattern, and color for every taste in cats.

Bengals are fun loving cats, tightly bonded to their families, when called, they are front
and center, a far cry from the "leave a message and I might get back to you" attitude of
most other domestics.  They love water, train like dogs and shed little to none when
altered.  They are faithful, trust worthy, curious and are always the life of the party, if
there is no party going on, they will create one, count on it!  

My kittens are not shipped until they are 100% potty pan committed, eating well, have
had their first vaccinations and are emotionally ready for their new families.  Normally
this is about 11 - 12 weeks of age, Bengals start a little slower than most domestics and
no Thomwren kitten will ever be shipped before it is ready.

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