Savannah Kittens
By Thomwren Cattery
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DOB July  01, 2008  Two F3 C Spotted Kittens were born to Acacia of Thomwren
(a F2 B)and our  big boy Zeek (a F5 B).

They are one of each sex, the dark one is a boy and the lighter one is a girl.  
Both are available as pet .
Mom Acacia is
a very large
Mom Acacia is
we anticipate a
very large the
kittens F2 B girl
and will be
large as well.
I am very proud to announce this
little boy  born July 20th.  

He from Iyanna, my F1 and Tanz my
F6 male.
Mom Iyanna is doing a fabulous job with her first
litter.  She's a big beautiful girl and I am so
pleased with these babies.
Available Kitten Male

This is a very sweet young guy, over the kitten crazies
and ready to settle into his new home.
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accidentally in horse races
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slaughterhouses, killed more
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