Savannah Babies, Past and
Welcome to the Savannah Babies page,  on this page I hope you'll enjoy
some of my favorite baby pictures.  As always, click on a picture to make it
larger, hit your back button to return to this page.
Sadiki, an F1 male,
absolutely brilliant!
Emily isn't always as innocent as
she looks.  Poor Sammy has to
use a LAPD choke hold to regain
control of the situation above.
This is Emily, an F1 female, her
new folks are Alan and Dawn,
they live in Raymond, Maine.
Dude, F1 male at 23
weeks, he's definitely
got the look!
Kalahari, F1 female,
now in NY with her
new mom Debi
Bashera, a Serval
and Chiku, a F1
female, both about
16 weeks.
Son of Kidd Kat, a
F1 male.
T&W's Fancy Miss
Wren, a Great Dane
and Thomwren's
Scooter, a F1 male
about 16 weeks or so.

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