More Thomwren Queens
This is Thomwren's Kidd Kat, a haughty Bengal girl that produces incredible
Bengal and Savannah babies.  Her spots are huge, rosetted and sorrel
colored.  Breeding her to Jabari our Serval or Tanga, our senior Bengal stud
produces kittens with deep brown to black spots.
Her parents are;
QGC Kybengalbabies Dakota of Thomwren
Thomwren's Little Egypt
Meet Thomwren's Cecee, She a very spoiled girl who
looks forward to her "in time".   Where she immediately
takes over.  She loves sleeping with me and takes her
half of my bed out of the middle.
Her kittens are highly sought after for their incredible
markings and color.
Her parents are:
Miss Kitty of Thomwren
Champion Thomwren's Amon Ra

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