Thomwren Queens
Introducing the ladies here at Thomwren Cattery, each and every female at
our cattery is pampered, spoiled and regardless of titles or no titles, she is
convinced that she is the best.  That attitude makes for happy well adjusted
mommies that are not only moms but companions, naturing and playful with
their kittens.

Some moms are bred to produce Savannahs and some are not.  Below are
pictures and a bit a of information on our top breeders.  All of our pedigree
are available on request, just email your request.
This is a  Bengal girl,  Thomwren's Pica, she's a gorgeous girl spoiled rotten
and produces incredible Bengal babies.

Parents are ;
Barb's Ordeal By Fire of Thomwren
Champion, Thomwren's Amon Ra.
This is an F2 Cheetoh girl Iyla of Thomwren

Parents are:
Windhaven Eve an F1 Cheetoh
Windhaven Apache Gold a SBT Bengal
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Introducing Abambu's Fatima of Thomwren, our newest  Bengal queen.  
Her babies are incredible.  Thank you so much Deanna at Abambu for sending this
girl my way!

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