By Thomwren Cattery
What is a Cheetoh, very common question.  A Cheetoh  is a  hybrid cross
between  very carefully selected SBT Bengals and Ocicats.  Thomwren Cattery is
very proud to have been selected as one of a few Bengal breeders in the
country to be part of this program.  Our Bengals were selected for their beauty
of course but the very social nature of our Bengals was foremost in the minds
of the founders at Windhaven .

Cheetohs have been excepted for registration through the United Feline
Organization, we are still working with TICA for acceptance.

Cheetohs exhibit a combination of characteristics of both breeds involved and
some uniquely their own.  The babies grow to a larger size than expected from
either parent, they are fiercely loyal, incredibly gentle (even with small
children).  Cheetoh males like their Ocicat ancestors will participate in the
raising of their young.  

Cheetohs make incredible, docile and loving pets and companions.  
Intelligence, energy, love and exotic beauty in one very wild looking package.

Both are F2 Cheetohs and are siblings.                        

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